Special Features

The Viking Houses are known for the many exceptional features throughout the homes. Here are a few of the areas we focus on.


It is all about the details. We teach carpentry in our prerequisite courses so that is our strength on the jobsite. We endeavor to exceed industry standards in building a home that discerning customers and knowledgeable professionals can appreciate. People often comment on our impressive level of detail in our finishes, but the homes are just as impressive where you can’t see under the drywall.

Energy Efficiency

The Viking Houses are among the most energy efficient homes in the metro area using conventional materials. Recent owners have told us their gas and electric bills average around $100 per month combined. That is remarkable for homes over 2000 SQ FT. This is accomplished using the following methods:

2x8 Staggered-Stud Walls

We build a “hybrid” advanced-framed exterior wall that is both strong and snug. The wall system combines 2x8 plates with 2x4 staggered studs on 16” centers. The 2x8 allows for more insulation, typically a blown in blanket system (BIBS), netting an R-30 or greater insulation value. The staggered studs greatly reduce “thermal bridging” and noise transmission. Example: Look at the frosty side of a home on a cold morning, often every wall stud location is identifiable as a vertical melted stripe. That is thermal bridging and our walls greatly reduce it.

Ducts Inside

The most common heating method in our area is forced-air natural gas. We make this method much more efficient by keeping the furnace and ductwork mostly in the “conditioned space.” That means no ducts in the attic or crawlspace. They are instead designed into inconspicuous areas, soffits, dropped ceilings in closets, etc. The result ideally goes unnoticed by the occupant except in the form of drastically lower heating and cooling bills.

Extra Insulation and Air Sealing

Our homes in are insulated to exceed code in most areas. This combined with air-sealing methods after framing is completed help to reduce energy use.

Natural Light

Light and space are always a good thing, especially in northwest winters. We use thermally efficient skylights and windows to make sure the core of the home is always well lit without always needing to turn a light on. Transom windows above interior doors are also used when logical to provide a secondary source of light in rooms. Light from two directions is typically a better quality of illumination and often adds to a cheerier atmosphere in the home.

Old School Meets New School

The Viking Houses are known for their traditional attention to details and fine materials. We generally use real cedar siding and solid hardwood floors. These products have stood the test of time and add to a timeless feel. We combine products like these with improved technologies in essentially water-tight house wraps, advanced long-life roof shingles, stable solid surface quartz countertops, and many other improved building materials.

Universal Design

A growing number in the population face mobility issues. We try to incorporate a universal approach to our home designs, with wider than code hallways and doorways. This is also factored in our decision to build only one-level homes with a minimum of steps. Mobility and accessibility also factor into to our kitchen and bath layouts.