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Forest Grove High School VIKING HOUSE

"Learn by doing."

Viking House 2017
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Viking House 2018
Are you a Forest Grove student interested in being on a future Viking House Crew?  If you have a strong work ethic and outstanding character you might be a good candidate!

1.  Woods 1 (Semester, we recommend you take this in 9th or 10th grade, but 11th can work too. )
2.  Woods 2 (Semester, we recommend you take this in 10th or 11th grade.) 
3.  Basic Construction (Semester,10th or 11th grade, and the most important prerequisite.)
4.  Architecture (Semester, taken any year)

Academic Requirements:
1.  Be an incoming junior or senior on pace to graduate.
2.  Pass grade-level math.
3.  Have a 90% or better attendance record.
4.  Two recommendations from FGHS staff members.

Exceptions are sometimes made depending on experience.  If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Higginbotham or Mrs. Knowlton in the woodshop.  Applications for the crew are accepted in the spring.